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Diabetes care

19Until today, diabetes was not only a diagnosis, but a conviction. However recently a method of treatment for type 2 diabetes was introduced. Type 2 diabetes is directly connected to the metabolic process and body’s metabolism. Blood sugar level increase results in imbalance of insulin within tissue cells.

 What is the danger of Type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes can lead to various body disorders:

  1. 23-300x241Firstly, it’s angiopathy, which causes lack of oxygen in body’s tissues. It happens due to the blood vessels density increase, which eventually prevents important elements from entering the bloodstream.
  2. 32-300x183The disease can also disrupt normal work of kidneys leading to renal failure or nephropathy.
  3. 51Patients with type 2 diabetes are also exposed at a higher risks for the disease affecting the retina. Retinopathy is dangerous for
  4. retinal detachment which causes the fundus bleeding. Patients with type 2 diabetes who have been ill for more than 20 years, lose their eyesight.
  5. Polyneuropathy: loss of sensation in hands and feet. This disease develops gradually with initial signs of discomfort and burning, particularly at night, as a rule.61
  6. Type 2 diabetes also brings such an unpleasant symptom as feet ulcers, which are often called ‘diabetic foot’. Extremely painful process which often deprives the patient of an opportunity to lead a normal life

Diabetes Statistics

74Unfortunately, according to the latest statistics the growth of the disease is breaking all records. If at the end of the 90s of the 20th century, the number of patients with diabetes was only about 131 million, according to statistics, in 2015 the number of patients, and it has increased by more than 120% by 2015!

As predicted by the International Diabetes Federation, we will have even more sad rating in 15 years – about 440 million patients with diabetes. 90% patients of this number are those with type 2 diabetes. Such growth is connected with the activity decrease of the population, and respectively, with increasing obesity among the population.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatment

Almost every patient with type 2 diabetes depends on daily insulin dose. However, glucose-lowering drugs are able to treat only the disease symptoms, not its cause.

81-168x168But today brings to us a new, unique surgical technique that already has successfully been tested on our patients. Moreover, this method will always allow you to abandon insulin injections.

This branch of medicine is called the metabolic surgery. It allows to normalize the function of the metabolic system, which is the root of the diabetes problem.

The research was conducted for more than a decade, and it showed the effective results of “gastric bypass” surgery (Mini-Gastric Bypass). This method has led to the disease cure in more than 95% of cases with type 2 diabetes.

Gastric bypass has allowed scientists to find a cure for type 2 diabetes for people with normal weight, whose body mass index does not exceed 30.

Diabetes Treatment Effects

The treatment has the following effects:

  • Blood sugar level normalization.
  • Gradual weight decrease, up to more than 100% of the original mass.
  • Overeating avoidance;
  • Food enters directly the ileum, avoiding the skinny intestine
  • The use of drugs rejection in 91% cases

Why it is necessary to avoid skinny intestine?

94-300x196Why the food entering the ileum directly is a plus? It’s connected with production of incretin hormones by (GLP-1) L-cells. Typically, (for food digestion) our body secretes a special digestive juice that handles it before reaching the ileum.

 If the digestive juices can only minimally process food, L-cells are irritated, which leads to the following consequences:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Reduced gastric juice allocation
  • Tissue cells improve insulin synthesis
  • Glucagon secretion decrease
  • Insulin sensitivity increase
  • Activization of heart protection system

Methods of Surgery

Undoubtedly, the advantage of this technique is laparoscopical perfomance of this procedure. This method immediately reduces the time of patient’s stay in clinic, and also reduces the infection risk. Moreover, a scar is almost completely healed.

Metabolic Surgery Indications

our patients will need a series of studies and analyses for this surgery, because the early stage of diabetes makes difficult to agree on such method of treatment.

The main indications are:

  • Age limit (30-65 years)
  • Less than 10 years of the disease period
  • Treatment with oral medications
  • Poorly controlled glycated hemoglobin
  • Insulin injections for less than 7 years
  • Sustainable endogenous produced fragment of proinsulin (C-peptide) should be more than 1 ng/ml.
  • Negative test for the pancreatic beta cell antibodies(anti-GAD/IA2)
  • Body mass index more than 30, the presence of 2 type diabetes

BMI Calculation Table


What is the basis for clinical studies and treatment results?

The history of stomach bypass surgery has started more than 50 years ago. Clinical studies, which took the various outcomes after surgery as indicator, could in generally bring  a number of positive dynamics  – 86% of patients were able to completely cure diabetes. The rest of them have at least improved the dynamics: reduced doses of drugs and insulin.

Regarding mortality, the metabolic surgery has won also: it’s 92% lower than in the classical treatment cases. All these figures relate to people whose BMI is above 30.

Scientists, however, have not bypassed the group of patients with BMI below 30. It also revealed striking figures. About 91% of the patients completely recovered from diabetes. The rest also showed positive dynamics.

Of course, any surgery is a risk. Therefore, if the body weight is normal, the patient requires careful consideration. Our experts will help you in this process by qualitatively assessing the potential treatment for exactly your case.

 This stage of research also has a third group of subjects: patients with a BMI of 23-35 which are not insulin dependent. A series of tests is now carried out, and the results are already yielding encouraging and positive.

 We are confident that we can help you to return to a normal lifestyle and avoid any inconveniences. Entrust your health to our specialists!


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