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Women over 40 Check-up

We adjust this type of services by age and sex to determine patient’s health status at the time of application. The whole check-up takes no more than 3 days (stay in hospital). You can combine this examination with various types of treatment (e.g. dentistry). We will take care of the optimal schedule and transfer you directly to the doors of the medical center.

Women Over 40 Check-Up Program in Belarus

  1. Primary medical consultation (Superior Expert Category)
  2. Blood Sugar level
  3. Biochemical blood test (venous blood, cholesterol, triglycerides)
  4. Urinalysis
  5. CBC, platelets
  6. Electrocardiography (ECG)
  7. Surgical consultation (Superior Expert Category)
  8. Gynecologist (MD), including:

– Consultation

– colposcopy

– Smear cytology (including flora)

– Uterus with appendages ultrasound(transvaginal)

  1. Endocrinological consultation with the thyroid gland examination (MD)
  2. Breast X-ray
  3. EGD with biopsy
  4. Colonoscopy
  5. Thyroid ultrasound
  6. Ultrasonography of the abdomen and kidneys
  7. Brain MRI
  8. Ophthalmological consultation (Superior Expert Category)
  9. ENT consultation (Superior Expert Category)

The total cost of the examination will be $ 950

In Case of the Day Ward Check Up

– The patient arrives in medical center, and his physician examines him,

– Then, if necessary, the doctor performs any necessary manipulation, including injections, physiotherapy, etc.

– Then the doctor prescribes a course of prevention or treatment.

– After the treatment, the patient leaves the medical center without staying for the night, and he can continue doing his business.


We first discuss with each single patient all the types of examinations that he wishes to include or exclude from the standard program.

Epicrisis, as well as the necessary recommendations and explanations are given on the basis of the survey. We can conduct additional examinations not included in the program, if necessary (or at patient’s request).

Please contact our English speaking managers for more information.


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What's App: +375 29 165-60-47


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