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Radiation Theraphy in Belarus

Belarus. Cancer Treatment

Many patients who have discovered a tumor are poorly informed about methods and power of cancer treatment in the early stages of the disease. However, today in Belarus oncology treatment involves a complex of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and operable intervention.

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  2. Get your individual treatment plan with total price and duration
  3. Discuss your travel options with our coordinators
  4. We will manage visa qustions, hotel, meeting at the airport and transfer, follow you up during treatment procedures.

Our specialists have been training and practicing in European countries (Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, Denmark, etc.) and the United States.

Equipment for Radiation Theraphy

Лучевая терапия в Белоруссии

Linear Accelerator Clinac 2300C

Radiation therapy is performed using the following equipment:

  1. Clinac 2300C / D, Trilogy, Unique. It is a powerful radiation therapy system, equipped with the present time visualization function (“Portal Vision”), as well as the finest light beam, which allows to preserve healthy cells.
  2. Eclipse 3D, which allows three-dimensionally planned irradiation in IMRT and IMAT modes
  3. Light Speed RT, CT scanner with the function of data transmission in DICOM 3/DICOM RT format
  4. X-ray simulator Varian “ACUITY EX”

Moreover, regarding irradiation methods, our experts will use 3D technology, volumetrical planning, arc-therapy, SRS/SRT radiosurgery, SWIFT system planning, IBU integrated brachytherapy/

We will tell you about all the intricacies of radiation therapy, as well as all phases of the cancer radiation treatment in Belarus, which is capable of significant result and helps to reduce tumor.


What is radiation therapy, why and how it is carried out

Radiation therapy (radiotherapy) is the use of electromagnetic rays as direct beam radiation or nuclear microparticles radiation, which are able to destroy cancer cells and prevent / deter the disease recurrence. However, this therapy is also able to effect healthy cells, which have more able to recover itself due its lower mobility unlike malignant ones

Radiation Therapy in Belarus, oncology

Light Speed RT – Computer Tomograph

Radiation therapy can be used both independently and in combination with chemotherapy, as it allows to reduce the cancer before surgery. Moreover, the tumor reduction also affects patient’s health, bringing him relief and less pain.

There are several drugs for radiotherapy which are selected on the basis of the specific case and the stage (skin cancer, organ cancer,  etc.).

Radiotherapy stages

Radiation therapy is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Pre-radiation

This stage determines the place of exposure, which the doctor marks the special markers that do not vanish until the end of treatment. Before RT, you also need to put to rights your healthy areas which will be involved, for example to get rid of the rash, irritation, tooth decay (in the case of maxillofacial impact, etc.)

  1. Radiation

This stage usually lasts from 2 to 7 weeks with 5 times a week frequency. The patient has to lie down or sit on a special place, and doctor will conduct the procedure within 1-5 minutes. You will feel some improvement after the beginning of treatment, but it becomes significant only after the whole course. Prior to the procedure, the doctor will warn you about all kinds of side effects (fatigue, blood changes, disruption of some internal organs, etc.), which are present in any therapy able to fight cancer.

  1. After-radiation

After a course of radiotherapy you should regularly visit your doctor and monitor the disease progression. Sometimes, after a course of radiotherapy the patient is given time to rest, and later the surgical tumor reduction is carried out. However, if you have the following symptoms, you must immediately consult the doctor: constant pain not responding to drugs, diarrhea, vomiting, high fever, cough, strange rashes on the skin, swelling in the irradiation area.


After radiation therapy care

After the course completion, you must remember that your skin at this time is exposed to the negative influence significantly stronger than in the normal state. Therefore it should be carefully protected from harmful external influence, sun and injuries at least for one year. You must also nourish irradiated skin well with different creams. Between the shower and bath prefer the first option. Do not RUB irradiated places and wait a little with contrast shower, or hot and cold water.

Influence on other people during treatment

You should remember that you do not become radioactive during treatment, so it is not necessary to avoid communication. Moreover, radiotherapy does not deprive the patient’s sexual function, except general physical fatigue as a side effect. As for work, many patients manage not to leave it during treatment, but everything is individual, it depends on the patient’s health only.

Patients undergoing radiation therapy should also worry about the rest, which is very important at all treatment stages. Patients should have positive emotions, so a different type of leisure, such going to the cinema, theater, etc. will be most welcome. Small exercises also provide a good health effect.

We believe that every patient who contact us, will receive the maximum assistance, because it is very important to maintain composure and strength of spirit that will help you to defeat cancer.


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