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Rehabilitation of stroke patients in Belarus

Rehabilitation is a complex of medical, social, pedagogical (teaching) and professional measures conducted by specialists for patient's adaptation to new conditions of life and work, with maximum use of his body reserve possibilities. Many patients lose all self-service skills after a stroke, and it leads to deteriorating of the patient himself and his entire family. Rehabilitation after a stroke can take a long time - from one week to two months, but the time spent is worth it.1416654550_1Although it is difficult to say in advance how full the recovery will be, practice shows that hard work of the patient, physician, and relatives usually leads to progress.

Rehabilitation Opportunities in Belarus

Patients need comprehensive rehabilitation after a stroke, which is now at a highest level in Belarus.

  • Basic principles of rehabilitation are the following:
  • Early and immediate commencement of rehabilitation procedures;
  • Systematic studies;
  • Duration of studies;
  • Integrated approach to rehabilitation including specialists in different fields.

Rehabilitation Methods

The most effective method of after-stroke rehabilitation is a combination of special physical exercises (physical therapy), massage, physiotherapy, and acupuncture. If speech disturbances occur, speech therapist (PhD, specializing in the rehabilitation of patients after stroke) joins the process of rehabilitation.

There are three levels of after-stroke rehabilitation:

  1. Full rehabilitation. Perfect or nearly perfect variant when most (or all) of body functions are back to its original state. It is possible if there wasn't complete loss of nerve cells or its death was insignificant. In this situation, temporary loss of some functions is a consequence of edema, hypoxia, or nerve impulses conduction disturbances.
  2. Compensation. This type of rehabilitation exists due to the fact, that any living organism has the ability of "redistribution of responsibilities." That is why, in case the partial destruction of a nervous system unit, its function can be partially taken over by adjacent brain structures. Functional reorganization does not usually lead to absolute recovery of lost functions, but the recovery is fairly complete.
  3. Adaptation. If the lesion is so large that the full restoration of lost functions is possible, patients can regain elementary self-service and self-movement skills using canes or "walkers".

How to Get the Program and Learn the Cost of Rehabilitation Quickly?

Some of our specialized centers offer personalized rehabilitation programs for each patient. We have a preliminary talk, clear up the issues, and ask for certain medical documents (usually epicrisis). Based on these data our Commission of Experts headed by the Director of the Department of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy carries out a consultation. You will receive an individually created program within 1-2 days, with the focus on existing problems correction. The average duration of the rehabilitation program is 14-20 days, including more than 50 procedures aimed at improving patient's condition. The price of rehabilitation program is from $ 3,000 to $ 4,000 (including all costs). Please, contact our managers to discuss current issues.


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