Natalya A.

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Natalya A. 31 Августа 2018

Вид лечения: Obesity treatment, Gastric sleeve resection
Продолжительность: 6 days

Hello to everyone who search, doubt or just learned about the obesity treatment through bariatric surgery!!!
I was very lucky!!! The surgery was done by a professional team of surgeons of the Grodno regional clinical hospital!! The operation was carried out by Sergei Alexandrovich Vizgalov. I will not describe how everything was going, and how my every day was chanding, I can say one thing - it was gorgeous!! I was always under the supervision of ingenious doctors. Special thanks to the anesthesiologist Vydra Ivan Tadeushevich who took into account the peculiarities of my body, and after the operation there were no unpleasant consequences, and also to the head of the surgical department Karpovich Vyacheslav Evgenievich!!! And also thanks to everyone who participated in my transformation!!! Today, 18 days from the operation, on the scales minus 9 kilograms (starting from 95), I'm happy, and confidently go to my dream!!!

Dear doctors, I wish you prosperity, health and satisfaction from your invaluable work!!!

Yours faithfully,
Natalya A.

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