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Healthcare information

Belarus holds a leading position in health and demographic indicators among the CIS countries and gets high respect of the global health community. In Belarus there is no compulsary health insurance for citizens, while country is still using upgraded soviet model of the healthcare system. That’s why free medicine is declared by the Constitution of the Republic for belarussian citizens. Since the beginning of 90th, when Belarus became an independent state, treatment became acceptable almost for all segments of the population. At the present time government spends about 4,5 – 5 % GDP on the maintenance of the National Healthcare system. This amount is the same as in majority of Western European countries. Healthcare modernization program has been significantly upgrading health infrastructure since 2006. Its implementation allowed providing hospitals and health care centers with latest modern equipment. Belarusian Ministry of Health has developed of high-tech medical care, organization of 16 Republican scientific-practical centers, introduces newest methods of treatment to the regional health organizations, and promoted medical sciences to make out health care system competitive and attractive to foreign citizens.

Why the costs of medical services in Belarus are low and affordable?

  Since 2000, the country has worked the state program of strengthening material-technical base of health care. In recent years, this problem was largely solved successfully. All these factors gave an impetus for the establishment of private medical sector. The prices which are given by private medical centers are adapted to the financial opportunities of Belarusian citizens, while for Europeans they are seems to be too low. It’s also important to take a note that the economic situation in considered countries different strikingly.

Medical tourism development in Belarus

Medical tourism in Belarus is a growing sphear, our country welcomes and treats foreign citizens for years. Belarus is gaining more popularity among those who value high quality of medical services and quite moderate pricesfor it.

Main attractions for medical tourists are the following

  • Convenient location in the heart of Europe
  • Good transport links
  • Rather small distance from any European country to Minsk
  • Minsk is one of the most welcoming, clean and safest European capitals
  • Moderate climate without acclimatization period
  • Absence of natural and social disasters
  • Hospitality of Belarusian people

Foreign citizens noted high qualification of our specialists, modern medical equipment in health care organizations, effective methods of treatment and, of course, good results of it.

Population, language and religions

The Republic of Belarus is a country with the population of about 10 min people. The capital is Minsk. The state is situated in the center of Europe and borders on Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, etc. the largest cities are: Gomel, Mogilev, Vitebsk and Grodno. Official languagesare Belarusian and Russian. Religions: Orthodox Christian – 54, 9% Roman Catholic – 33, 8% Jewish – 10, 9% Other – 0, 4% As Belarus is situated in the center of Europe it won’t take a lot of time to reach it. For example, a flight from Germany will take 2, 5 hours.

Climate and nature

The climate is transitional between continental and maritime and does practically for everyone. Belarus is known as the “Lungs of Europe”. We try to preserve our virgin nature and many birds migrate on our territories looking for new homes and flying away from cut off forests of neighbor states. Many bird- fancies and ornithologists come to Belarus to enjoy the diversity and brightness of different kinds of rare birds and to enjoy their sinning. National Park Braslav Lakes (Guest House Vaspan) is a real tourist attraction but only our clients will get comfortable guest houses of European class with 50 per cent discount!

Do you want to enjoy the uniqueness of culture? To enjoy national cuisine? To see customs and traditions that were passed from generation to generation?

If your answer is “yes” you should come to our republic and see everything with your own eyes! The country in the interface of European countries will give you unforgettable emotions. You won’t regret! Contact us and soon you will enjoy the sights of Belarus and moreover you will come back home even more beautiful and healthy you have ever been!

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