Plastic Surgery

Belarus has low surgery prices. What are the reasons?

It is important to understand that key to successful plastic surgery directly depends on the professional skills of the plastic surgeon and well-equipped operating room. Our surgeons apply their own efforts and resources in order to improve their skills in different fields of plastic surgery. Planned study courses in the countries of Western Europe and Scandinavia – Belgium, Italy, Norway – make it possible to adopt new methods from the world leading specialists and apply them into the practice in Minsk.

4 Easy Steps to Organize Your Treatment

  1. Contact our english speaking medical coordinators via consultation form (or viber, skype, phone)
  2. Get your individual treatment plan with total price and duration
  3. Discuss your travel options with our coordinators
  4. We will manage visa qustions, hotel, meeting at the airport and transfer, follow you up during treatment procedures.

As the living standards of Belarusian citizens don’t permit them to pay big sums for plastic surgery services, surgery prices are counted on the basis of paying capacity of the citizens. That is why Belarus offers the services in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of international standard in such low prices. Our company cooperates with the best Belarusian plastic surgeons, who work in Minsk. Our doctors have a good work experience and excellent reputation among the patients. On your request we are ready to give you the contacts of our patients in order to get to know about the procedure itself and the results of it. In XXI century plastic surgery is not a luxury, but a door which leads to a new life without any problems. Consult

What kind of narcosis is applied?

Operative interventions are performed under general or local narcosis depending on the operation. Anesthesia should be done under the following conditions:

  • Work of a qualified anesthesiologist-resuscitator with the presence of a nurse
  • Usage of sterile disposable syringes
  • Usage of modern narcosis-respiratory equipment and monitoring control over cardiovascular system
  • Application of modern factory-made drugs

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