Dentistry has several specialties and fields which are succesfully applied in Belarus. General Dentistry is involved in the hygiene of oral cavity and prevention of teeth and gums. Dental Aesthetics specializes in smile and teeth enhancement and today it is becoming more popular. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. There are a lot of methods of teeth whitening available and everyone can find a more suitable method for himself. You may also be offered dental implants, bridges, veneers and other services.

4 Easy Steps to Organize Dental Treatment in Belarus

  1. Contact our english speaking medical coordinators via consultation form (or viber, skype, phone)
  2. Get your individual treatment plan with total price and duration
  3. Discuss your travel options with our coordinators
  4. We will manage visa qustions, hotel, meeting at the airport and transfer, follow you up during treatment procedures.


Fields of Dentistry

1416652883_0Dentistry has several fields and specializations. Cosmetic dentistry is such a field that is gaining more popularity nowadays. While traditional dentistry deals with oral hygiene and the prevention of oral diseases, cosmetic dentistry deals mainly with the improvement of appearance of a person’s teeth, mouth and smile. We offer our clients services in organization of treatment either in the field of General Dentistry or Dental Aesthetics. Our company will give you full support in guiding you from the moment of your arrival to the end of your treatment.

Dental tourism in Belarus

Growing interest of foreign citizens in dental services in Belarus can be explained by its high medical quality and low prices, which are provided by private dentist clinics in Minsk. Paid services in dentistry are also rendered by state organizations, but there are some complications in access to the services, especially for foreigners. Besides, it 1416652883_1concerns not only dental centers, but also other medical centers, for example, plastic surgical centers and ophthalmology centers in Minsk.

Why Dental Tourism Grows Significantly in Minsk?

First of all, state dentists treat Belarusians for free of cost, but at the same time they suggest the patients paid treatment (which is shorter in time and of higher quality). The cost for these services  is lower than in private dentist clinics. That is why paid services at state dental clinics are in great demand with the local population. Accordingly, long queues are formed.

"...we talk about private Belarusian medical centers which have proved their reliability within the period of our successful work with them."

Secondly, it is quite difficult to set up communication with state dental clinics, and sometimes – it is even impossible. State dentists are not interested in attracting patients – the Belarusians make up the number of patients they need, who pay for medical services not only in Minsk, but in other cities of Belarus. At the same time, doctors in private centers actively use the Internet. This helps our company to make quick responses to all your inquiries by e-mail. We value your and our time and we are ready to make up your treatment plan and to optimize it in a short time. 1416652883_2We would like to mention, which is quite important, that we talk about private Belarusian medical centers which have proved their reliability within the period of our successful work with them. Nowadays there are more than 100 private dental clinics in Minsk, which are actively promoted on the Internet. It is quite difficult to distinguish really great dental centers with rich work experience and qualified medical staff from new and not very reliable dental clinics. All dentists working in private medical sector have highest skill accreditation level and regularly master their skills abroad. Therefore, it is a tricky question to choose a dental clinic in Minsk. You shouldn’t forget that the quality of the rendered dental services can be evaluated only in a year after the treatment. All the centers which our company works with guarantee at all stages of our work. Consult

Organize your travel easily

If you would like to get more information about dental treatment in Belarus be free to ask us some questions. We will organize for you free-of-charge and a quick preliminary consultation with a doctor. Send your letter with the photos (X-ray pictures) and your comments to our e-mail: We will be your coordinators during the whole stay in Minsk and we will do our best to make it as more comfortable as possible. We wish you good health and good looks!

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